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Brooklyn Commercial Surface Preparation, Restoration and Painting Services


We are experienced commercial painters providing quality consistent commercial painting services covering rental-residential, commercial and industrial structures throughout the Brooklyn area. Our painting professionals are experienced in management and completion of large commercial projects. We provide Best Guarantee in the commercial painting industry including 5 Years Warranty covering workmanship and painting materials.

  • Commercial Painting

Commercial painting often takes careful preparation proper suited use of  material, tools and applications.
We are specialized in the application of commercial paints and industrial coatings
Our contractors provide accurate commercial painting rates with minimized service time and  cost efficiency

  • Commercial Businesses

We work well with commercial property owners who are in demand of service providers capable of executing flawless work. Proper preparation, paint application and color psychology are important for rapid turnover places, raising customer sales, increasing office productivity and can even help clients feel more rejuvenated at a spa.

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Looking for a professional quality painting? Give us a call with your paint project request and our professionals will provide you with an expert advice, impressive color selection and a fast, reliable service. We implement preparation, products and applications guaranteed to give your home an instant makeover. Our services cover all of Brooklyn and deliver methods focused on interior and exterior spaces with experience and attention at fair prices. We are painters, decorators and tradesmen responsible for the painting and decorating of many fine homes and businesses throughout Brooklyn, NY.
Customer Testimonials

Our Brooklyn area residence was in need of painting. My compliments to the Brooklyn painters. Your painting work has been the single most effective improvement for uplifting the looks of our home. We were amazed at how quickly our home was transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. I can truly say that our home looks its best now. Thank you for providing such a valued service.

Mike and Angela Weiss; Brooklyn, NY 06/12/2013

From a happy customer to the Brooklyn painters team that painted my place, I'm just sharing a great experience. We would be happy to reference for your company. The painters got to work fast and the results were immediate. Thank you for providing us with such great painting service, I had the opportunity to hire you. I appreciate the quality of painting and preparation it took to make our home look great and the concise way of explaining things.


Stuart Levinson; Park Slope, BK 07/8/2013

We have a large house with steep vaulted ceilings and lots of angles. The painters did a careful and meticulous job. They thoroughly compounded, sanded, primed and painted. I was amazed at how clean, precise their work was The difference that made to our home is amazing. Did I mention they are thoughtful, polite, and timely. We will be using them again for our next project.

Jason and Jennifer McGreeley; Brooklyn, NY 08/10/2013